Can CBD Muscle Recovery Oil Improve Your Pre & Post-Workout Routine?

CBD Recovery Oil Post workout

Anyone who has an active lifestyle often experiences a feeling of great soreness. If you are a regular athlete or workout enthusiast it is unlikely that you don’t get any torn out muscles. Even when you take out a 2 mile run continuously for three days, your legs feel heavier and your entire body starts to pain. In the current age, there are numerous energy boosters and other health supplements that are readily available in the market to get rid of all those troublesome issues. Can CBD Recovery Oil be a suitable alternative to other supplements and prescription medicine for a faster muscle recovery and reducing your pain?

Here in this piece, we will discuss various aspects of CBD Oil and how it can help you to relieve from anxiety and exhaustion that arises from your daily activities and heavy workout. We will try to guide you to find out how it is different from any other supplements and which one of CBD Recovery Oil suits you the best. After reading this, you would learn about how to use CBD Oil. We will also throw light on the benefits and possible drawbacks of using CBD Oil. There is also a FAQ section which is aimed to clear your doubts regarding the products. So, let’s come aboard.

What is CBD Oil?

CBDMuscle Recovery Oil
CBD Muscle Recovery Oil

At the outset, you might want to know what CBD Oil exactly is. It is an extract from the plant Cannabis Sativa and it is basically extracted from hemp or cannabis flowers. No wait, don’t freak out. It is not a drug that will get you high. CBD is a non-psychoactive element found in hemp and CBD Oil is made by diluting it with coconut oil which acts as a carrier. It is used to combat a wide range of health issues including inflammation,   arthritis, and post-workout pain. For its multiple health benefits, many professional athletes, fitness personnel, and people who need to carry out intense physical activities use it to improve their inflammatory conditions and also as an energy booster. According to scientific studies, CBD Muscle Recovery Oil actively helps in rebuilding muscles, wound healing, and body pain caused by tough workouts and hence recommended by many fitness trainers.

What are the ingredients of CBD Oil?

The composition of CBD Muscle Recovery Oil from CBDMuscle is very simple and 100% organic. It contains no animal parts and it is a vegan friendly product. The basic ingredients of CBD Oil formulation are as follows:

  • Olive Oil: Organic olive oil is used as a carrier for other ingredients in CBD Oil. They are diluted in olive oil to form a smooth blend. It serves as the base for the whole substance and helps the users to apply it easily.
  • Hemp Extract: The key element of CBD Oil is extracts from hemp or Cannabis Sativa plant. It is purely natural and contains a good amount of antioxidants that helps actively to rejuvenate our body cells that leads to quick muscle recovery.
  • THC<0.03%: THC or tetrahydrocannabinol which is from cannabinoid family found in cannabis plants which is responsible for the high feeling after consuming it. CBD Oil contains THC less than 0.03% and thus makes it free from any psychoactive effect.

How CBD Oil works?

People often wonder how does CBD Oil work to ease our muscle pain and get us relieve from anxiety. Let’s take a look on the basic functionality of CBD Recovery Oil.

Our body has a responsive system for anxiety or pain which is known as endocannabinoid system. When properly functional, this system responds to soreness caused by heavy physical activities and acts to create a stable equilibrium throughout the human body with our central nervous system. To reach the peak performance of our body, this balance between organs, tissues and cells is necessary. CBD recovery Oil has the chemical compounds that help the receptors of the endocannabinoid system to release enzymes that reduce chronic pain and inflammation to bring the equilibrium to the body.

Who can use CBD Recovery Oil?

One of the biggest questions is that might be in your mind that who can be benefitted with CBD Recovery Oil. If you are an athlete, a gym-goer, a jogger or a person who has a busy daily routine then CBD Recovery Oil is the best thing you can pick to get yourself relieved from the stress and pain you have been experiencing regularly. So, any adult can use CBD Recovery Oil to revitalize themselves.

How does CBD Recovery Oil help athletes and bodybuilders?

Professional athletes who participate regularly in competitive events need more stamina than an average person. Moreover, they have a high risk of injury resulting in torn muscles and fatigue. They need to keep themselves super-fit and hence they are required to exercise daily. CBD Recovery Oil can reduce inflammation caused by gruelling exercises to a considerable extent. During competition days, the sportsmen have to handle a great level of stress and CBD Oil works as a stress reliever and can get them a satisfying good night’s sleep.

CBD Muscle Atheletes

When you are into bodybuilding you need to follow a strict and tough routine for building muscles and to maintain a good weight. You should be focused on gaining muscles and lower the level of muscle loss. CBD Oil is not a replacement for a healthy diet but it can boost up muscle growth and lower the loss of the same by keeping the endocannabinoid system properly functional.

Legal status of CBD Recovery Oil

The legal status of cannabis products varies depending on the purpose and amount of the same. Many of the drugs derived from medical and recreational marijuana are banned by World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) and cannot be used by professional athletes in any international competition. But, you would be glad to know that CBD Oil has been issued a green signal by WADA and it is 100% legal to use by the participants of any sports event. So, you are allowed to give it a try in your next competition.

Is CBD Oil safe?

Although it is legal, but whenever we are going to use something with an extract of cannabis inside we would definitely be concerned about the safety of using it. For your utmost relief, CBD Oil is certainly not marijuana and it contains elements from selectively bred industrial hemp plants. It is not physically addictive. It contains not more than 0.03% of THC components which cannot get you high. It is not intoxicating and instead CBD Oil eliminates harmful toxins from the body. So, it brings no ill effects to our health.

Benefits of CBD Oil

People often want to get relief from pain and fatigue with a natural or organic remedy instead of taking the help of pharmaceutical drugs. Here comes CBD Oil as a suitable alternative. Now it is getting quite popular in sports and fitness industry as well as public in general. Let’s have a look on what attracts more and more people every day towards using CBD Oil.

  1. Reduce Pain and Inflammation:
    A healthy lifestyle needs physical labour on regular basis. After 20 minutes of walking or a good workout puts your body muscles and joints into a great hustle. It causes inflammation as well as pain. CBD Oil keeps your endocannabinoid system active for regulation of inflammation and pain.
  2. Eliminate Anxiety and depression:
    CBD Oil can be regarded as an alternative treatment of mental health issues caused by overwork and lack of rest. It plays extensive role in regulating the responses of our mind to the external environment.
  3. Effective in Insomnia:
    Insomnia or lack of sleep can be temporary or prolonging. Many athletes suffer from such disorder due to stress before a match whereas it can be an early symptom of severe health issues. CBD Recovery Oil can be much helpful to have a peaceful sleep so that you can fuel up for next day’s To Do List.
  4. Post-Workout Muscle Recovery:
    CBD Oil actively helps in muscle recovery by eliminating catabolic hormones (hormones that can prevent growth of new tissues) allowing protein synthesis in the body and thus encouraging muscle regeneration.
  5. Increasing Energy Levels:
    CBD Oil is not a replacement of insulin but it can help stabilizing blood sugar levels. It thus allows your body to burn more glucose and producing more energy.
  6. Addiction Recovery:
    CBD Oil is also found effective in breaking smoking habits.

Possible drawbacks of CBD Oil

CBD Recovery Oil is a blend of natural substances and it hardly has any considerable drawback. But a few points can be counted as an inconvenience.

  1. Variation of effect: CBD oil may not work the same way for every people. In the beginning, it is quite confusing to decide how many drops your body can take in one go. So it is advised that you start your regimen from one drop and increase the doses gradually.
  2. Not Suitable for Children: CBD Oil contains hemp extracts. Though it is not intoxicating but it is not intended for children.

Directions to use CBD Recovery Oil

CBD Oil has multiple health benefits and it can help you a lot. But before you try, keep in mind the first and the foremost thing: If you are undergoing any medical treatment or therapy consult your physician before taking CBD Oil into your routine. The same goes if you are taking any prescription drugs. If your doctor permits, then only go for it. One more thing; CBD Oil is not intended for children. If you are considering using it for your child, consult a child specialist.

Here are the directions to use CBD Recovery Oil:-

First things first: It is recommended to store CBD muscle recovery oil in a cool and dry place away from the contact of direct sunlight.

  • Add 1-3 drops of CBD Oil under your tongue and allow it there for 30 seconds so that it can get absorbed. Then you will know the effect. The dose required can be different for different persons. It is advised to start with one drop and eventually add more if required.
  • You need to repeat the regimen twice a day. Take once in the morning and another before sleeping for best results.
  • During your training days, taking it immediately after exercise is recommended.

Product list of CBD Recovery Oil

CBD Recovery Oil is available in two different varieties with variation in strength. They are as follows.

  • Extra Strength 12% CBD Recovery Oil (600mg CBD)
  • Extra Strength 6% CBD Recovery Oil (1200mg CBD)

These two products are same and both of them contain the same ingredients. The only difference they have is the later is stronger than the first one in terms of doses.

Two similar products of CBDMuscle for chronic pain relief are also available in the form of bam and food supplement. They are as follows:

  • Full Strength 300MG CBD Recovery Balm
  • Full Strength 4% CBD + BCAA Formula

Comparison between 6% CBD Recovery Oil and 12% CBD Recovery Oil

The following comparison diagrams will help you to understand the basic difference of 6% and 12% CBD Recovery Oil.

CBDMuscle Recovery Oil 600mg Vs CBDMuscle Recovery Oil 1200mg
CBDMuscle Recovery Oil 600mg Vs CBDMuscle Recovery Oil 1200mg

As you see, the THC levels present in both of the products are same, i.e. only 0.03%. It means both of them are free from any psychoactive effects, i.e. don’t include the risk of getting high and safe to use. In 6% CBD Recovery Oil, cannabinoid level (CBD) is relatively low whereas 12% CBD Recovery Oil possess more of CBD.

The presence of more cannabinoid makes 12% Oil stronger than the former one and it may not be suitable for the beginners. A 10 ml bottle contains 250 drops of CBD Oil in total and in 6% and 12% formulation, it contains 3mg and 6mg dosses per drop respectively. With a low strength, 6% or 600mg CBD Recovery Oil is ideal if you are going to start their CBD regimen for the first time. You can eventually move to higher doses, i.e. 1200mg formula when your body is ready to bear more strength. If you are not a new user then you can directly go for 12% CBD Recovery Oil.

The prices of these two varieties are also different for the variation of their chemical composition. 12% CBD Recovery Oil (1200mg) is available at £69.99 whereas you can purchase 6% CBD Recovery Oil (600mg) at £39.99 only. Buying it from its official website can avail you with a discount of £15.

CBD Recovery Oil Vs. Other CBD products

There are several other products are available in the market with two basic variations, viz. full spectrum and isolate under the umbrella of CBD brand. All of them serves the same purpose but different in terms of chemical composition and properties. CBD Recovery Oil is a full Spectrum CBD product. Let us discuss in details about how different is CBD Muscle Recovery Oil from similar isolate products.

Basis CBD Recovery Oil Other CBD Products
Type Full Spectrum Isolate
Cannabinoid Present Nil
THC level 0.03% 0%
Strength High Low

As you can see that full spectrum CBD Recovery Oil contains cannabinoids whereas isolate CBD products are purified without any cannabis and residual cannabinoids. Due to the presence of active components like THC, CBD Recovery Oil works more effectively to provide relief from body pain and soreness as well as allowing you to perform at the optimum pace. Isolate products have lower level of bioavailability in comparison the former one.

How to get your CBD Muscle Recovery Oil?

If you want to get the products you can visit the Official website to place your order online with the utmost ease. You can pay the due amount instantly through your debit/credit card.


Here are some of the most Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about CBD Recovery Oil:

Is there any chance of getting high with CBD Oil?

It is mentioned earlier that CBD Recovery Oil does not contain any psychedelic compounds but THC only of a minimal amount. So, it does not involve any risk of getting you high.

Is CBD oil an OTC medicine?

Yes, there is no prescription from a healthcare professional required to take the benefits of CBD. You can order it directly online. If you are going through a medical process, then only you need to consult your doctor for your convenience.

Can I legally buy and use CBD Oil?

As CBD oil is 100% legal you can freely buy it. It is also allowed for professional athletes.

How much CBD Oil should one take?

The required quantity of oil depends on the strength of the oil. It is advised to start with lower dosage and wait for some time to feel the full effects. If you need more then you can keep on increasing the amount gradually to determine the right quantity.

Is CBD Oil suitable for children?

No. CBD oil is exclusively for adults.

Does CBD Oil contain animal extracts?

No. CBD muscle recovery oil is 100% vegan friendly. It contains only hemp extracts, THC and olive oil.

What is the return policy of CBD products?

You can return an unopened CBD product within 67 days of receiving the order. It includes a full cash-back policy.

 Is there any free trial or discount on CBD Oil?

Free trial is currently not available on CBD Oil. Purchasing the product from the official site can avail you discounts up to £.15.

How long it will take to receive an order?

It takes 2 to 3 business days to deliver the product. If you want your product delivered in the next day you need to pay some extra. This service is exclusively for UK customers.


CBD Oil has been gaining popular at a very fast pace in recent years for it’s contribution in faster muscle recovery. It provides a pleasant experience to its users it feels far better than the traditional anti-inflammatories. Celebrated athletes such as World Kickboxing Champion Robert Taylor and Supermoto Champion Chris Eastwood have states their own experience of using CBD Muscle Recovery Oil as satisfying. It helped them to reduce muscle fatigue and stress.

CBD Recovery Oil is closely associated with cannabis sativa and therefore many people hesitate to take it for consideration. They are afraid of getting a high feeling or other side-effects. But, several scientific studies reveal that there are several health benefits of CBD recovery oil. If you are considering CBD oil for energy boost and muscle recovery then you would be happy to know that it is free from any ill effects. It is purely natural and contains only little amount of THC.

If you are a professional athlete then DOP test is something you must take care of. World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) lifted its ban on CBD. So, using CBD oil by sportspersons is completely legal.

It depends mostly on you, how much CBD Oil you want to consume in one go. But, for beginners it is advised to choose CBD Recovery Oil with 6% strength for the best starting. After analysing the result you can gradually move to 12% CBD Recovery Oil when your body is ready to take more strength.

CBD Oil has a special place in the fitness industry due to its ability to reduce inflammation and pain. For an improved and successful workout, you can add CBD oil in your post-workout routine.